Our Favourite Fragrances for Spring

We love spring! The flowers are blooming, leaves are growing and the sun is (occasionally) shining. Bring some of nature’s beauty into your home this season with Zoflora. We have created a list of our top spring Zoflora fragrances to inspire you...

Hello Spring

Hello Spring is a sparkling green floral blend, based on wild spring flowers and refreshed with uplifting citrus notes. This energising blend opens with the soft, mellow citrus scent of Bergamot and sweet, bright Lily of the Valley. Use on your kitchen worktops to leave the whole room fresh and fragrant.


It encapsulates the essence of spring when the daffodils appear, the buds start to bloom and the air is filled with the sweet smell of flowers. Our Springtime antibacterial disinfectant is great for freshening up the toilet, pet areas and the patio. 


Bluebell Woods

One of the loveliest treats in spring is taking a stroll through a bluebell wood with your family. Bluebell Woods is a delicate floral blend of bluebells, green leafy notes and a woody aroma. Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or to add to your washing machine.

Linen Fresh

A simple springtime pleasure is hanging out your washing to dry in the fresh air. Linen Fresh is a crisp and refreshing scent capturing light breezes over fresh linen. Perfect for adding to a clothes wash to give your clothes an amazing fragrance for days.