University Essentials: Bedding, Books, Snacks & Zoflora!

It’s not just schools that are starting back again this month, many students will soon be setting off for the beginning of their university journey or returning after the summer break.

Starting university is nerve-wracking enough without having to worry about the spread of bacteria and viruses, so here are some helpful tips on how to keep your shared accommodation clean and hygienic with Zoflora.

Whether you are moving into student accommodation, a shared house or a flat of your own, this is going to be the place you spend a lot of your time for the next year, so let’s make sure all surfaces are clean and germ free. Zoflora kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses to keep your space disinfected and smelling fresh. 

Here are our top tips on keeping your new home hygienically clean...


If you are living in a shared house or flat, the kitchen is going to be used a lot by multiple people and is a prime location for germ hotspots. This means that it is even more important to keep these surfaces hygienically clean. 

Dilute 1 capful of your favourite Zoflora into 400ml of water, either into a trigger bottle or into a sink of warm water. Use the diluted solution to wipe down surfaces with a clean cloth. By using diluted Zoflora to clean the worksurfaces, you are not only making sure food preparation areas are bacteria and virus free, but it will keep the kitchen smelling fresh and fragrant. Who knows, maybe your flatmates will get in on the cleaning action too?

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Your university bedroom will become your sanctuary, a multipurpose space for studying, sleeping and also hanging out with friends. Which is why it is important to keep your room smelling great and surfaces and handles clean.

There are many ways to use Zoflora in the bedroom, disinfecting handles, surfaces and even cleaning the inside of your windows.

Our top tip to keep your side table de-cluttered and disinfected: add 2 capfuls of your favourite Zoflora fragrance to an 800ml spray bottle of water and spray onto the surface before wiping down. Why not try a soothing Lavender scent to help you drift off to sleep? Or use your favourite Zoflora that you would normally have back at home to make you feel more relaxed in your new space. 

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Sharing a bathroom with a number of students can test your patience at the best of times, without having to worry about any bacteria and viruses that may be lurking. With Zoflora’s help, we can put your mind at ease as your shared bathroom is not going to mean sharing germs! 

To give the bathroom a quick once over and disinfect, just run a sink of warm water and add 1 capful of Zoflora for every 400ml of water. Then grab a cloth and soak it in the solution before wiping down all the bathroom surfaces including sink, taps, shower door, bath, shelves, door handles and toilet cistern. 

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Communal Spaces

University is all about spending time with new people and getting to know one another, but shared spaces can also be the perfect place for bacteria and viruses to hide. Certain items such as door handles, coffee tables, tv remotes and light switches are all items commonly touched by everyone in the house or flat every day. 

To disinfect these items with ease, have a trigger spray bottle of Zoflora on hand for each housemate to use once they have finished using the space. A quick spray will eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and also eliminate odours to freshen up your student house.* 

Whilst it might feel a little different going to university this year, pack a bottle of Zoflora with your essentials and you will be able to have a great time with peace of mind that you are helping to protect yourself and your friends from coronavirus. 

What’s better, if you order a Student Starter Pack from in September, you’ll receive a free bottle of Zoflora to help you get settled into halls safely!

My Student Essentials take the stress and hassle out of getting all the stuff you need for Uni by delivering one high-quality package to your new Uni home when you arrive, or your current home before you leave. So, with students having high-quality kitchen utensils and seriously comfy bedding, parents can sigh in relief knowing that their child is safe and sound in their new home.