Why we Love our Favourite Fragrances

Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we have, giving us the ability to decide what we like and dislike when it comes to food, fragrances and everything in between. Zoflora products are designed to create a beautiful, long-lasting fragrance in your home, but have you ever stopped to think about why we prefer certain scents over others? Keep reading to find out why.

Fragrances link to memories

There’s a reason why some of our classic fragrances have been used by families for generations! Certain smells can trigger a sense of nostalgia in us, sometimes the memory of where we first encountered the scent is very clear, and sometimes it’s a subconscious memory that we can’t quite picture but it still triggers certain emotions linked to that place or time. Smell has actually been shown to be the sense most strongly connected to memory!

This is because a certain smell can be linked to specific neural networks in our minds, which is why childhood memories we may not have thought about in years can suddenly be brought back with the smell of an old item of clothing, a perfume our parents wore or a cleaning product used in our childhood homes. 

Since Zoflora has been established for almost 100 years, it makes perfect sense that our unique fragrances can trigger nostalgic memories in every generation. But have you ever wondered how different fragrances can affect our moods and emotions? Read on to find out!


Floral Fragrances

Flowers have always been associated with brightening up a room, and many psychological studies have helped to establish that having flowers in a hospital room, a workplace or a restaurant can immediately create a pleasant atmosphere and uplift the people around them. The scent of flowers has a very similar effect, with floral fragrances such as Lavender helping to make us feel less anxious

Certain flowers can also have different effects, for example, jasmine has been known to help you relax, while lavender and rose can help to cure insomnia, and lilac can help to calm your mood. Many of our classic and new fragrances contain these calming flowers, including Country Garden, Lavender Escape and our brand NEW fragrance, Midnight Blooms. So if you’re looking for calming fragrances, give these ones a try!


Fruity Fragrances

While floral fragrances are known to calm your mood, fruity fragrances have quite the opposite effect! The smell of citrus has been known to make people feel alert and energised, this is due to the smell increasing the body’s levels of serotonin, a hormone which makes you feel happier, while also reducing levels of stress. This is why so many products we use as part of our morning routines, including shampoos, lotions and even flavoured teas feature fruity scents.

Lemon is known as one of the strongest fruity fragrances, and can help to promote mental stimulation in the body, increasing your ability to concentrate and get through that busy work day. Other strong citrus smells, such as oranges and limes, are also perfect for a quick energy boost. This is why our classic fragrance, Lemon Zing, and our summer fragrance, Mandarin and Lime, are so popular, so why not try these in your workplace?

So why do we have a preference?

Some people have a strong preference when it comes to floral vs fruity fragrances, while others don’t have a preference at all. These preferences are usually due to a few specific reasons, including whether a certain smell is associated with a happy memory, what kind of person you are and even what kind of atmosphere you’re trying to create. For example, if you’re looking to wind down for the evening, a calming floral scent is the way to go, but if you’ve just woken up and you’re looking for a morning boost, an energising fruity scent is the perfect choice.

Whatever your preference, we have an array of fragrances, carefully crafted by expert perfumers, which can help to create any kind of atmosphere in your home. Visit our product page now to browse our selection and watch out on our Facebook and Instagram channels for new fragrances coming soon!